Sunflower seeds:

- Calibrated confectionary sunflower
(36+, 38+, 40+) from Ukraine and Russia
- White sunflower (Turkey): 6,5+, 7,0+
- confectionery sunflower kernel (Ukraine and Russia)
- Pumpkin seeds (China, Ukraine)


- Corn oil: refined, deodorized, in bulk
- Sunflower oil: raw and refined
- Soybean oil: raw and refined

Making delivery, any kind of transport - anywhere in the Europe and world

Green lentils, size 4+, 6+, 7+ (Russia, Kazakhstan)

Corn starch
(Ukraine, Russia)

Purchase: sunflower, seeds and kernels, sunflower oil, cereals, mustard, millet, flax

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The main activity of our company is production, processing and marketing of grains and oilseeds (sunflower, millet, corn, etc.). The company grows, modifies (calibrate) confectionary sunflower different grades. We produce confectionery sunflower kernel higher, first and second grade. Realizes sunflower seeds